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Major Projects Profiles

Mid-life refit for TNC- 45s with the UAE Navy

Between xx-xx date, ADSB undertook mid-life refit of six UAE Navy TNC – 45s. The project’s scope was extensive and included the total stripping the vessels of all internal components, as well as major steel refurbishment on hulls and superstructures.

Refit services on each ship were undertaken over 15 months each, with the yard accommodating two vessels simultaneously over a period of six years.

Mid-life refits for the fast patrol boats for the UAE Navy

In November 2004, the UAE Navy commissioned ADSB to carry out mid-life refits for two fast patrol boats. The project involved an overhaul of the main engines, gearboxes and the generators after completely stripping the equipment, systems, and accommodation.

ADSB eventually refurbished or replaced the ships’ hull, tanks, internal spaces, superstructure, hull operating systems, propulsion systems, piping, electrical systems, navigations and combat management systems. The upgrade on the Combat Management System included a new infrared camera, TV camera, laser finder and PROM upgrade.

Upgrading of Combat Systems on UAE Navy’s Fast Attack Crafts

In May 2001, the UAE Armed Forces contracted ADSB to manage the upgrades of its Fast Attack Crafts. This was the first time that a naval refurbishment project of its stature was carried in the Gulf region.

Adaptation of the Mine hunters for the Gulf Environment

UAE Navy has acquired two Frankanthal class (Type 332) mine hunters built one by Lurssen and the other by Abeking & Rasmussen in 2007. In 2007, ADSB had been contracted by the UAE Navy to make some mandatory changes on two mine hunters, to operate in arid Gulf climate. This was the first time ADSB worked with nonmagnetic steel.