Missile Boats (Ghannatha)

///Missile Boats (Ghannatha)

Naval Ship Building – Ghannatha Class 27m Fast Missile Boat

The Ghannatha Class Fast Missile Boats are high speed multi-role Combat Vessels and can be utilized as a unit of a task force, as a single unit or in non-combat operations.

Operational requirements

The operational capability of this vessel within a task force context can provide a missile attack mission coordinated role and provide interoperability with other ships and shore centers. As a single unit as well as missile attack missions maybe utilized for enforcement of sanctions, trade embargo or blockades or shadowing hostile vessels. This vessel may also be used for search and rescue surveillance and control of sea lanes and pollution control.


Hull and deck as well as wheelhouse / bilge arrangement constructed in aluminum.

General description of Combat System

The Combat System suite is designed to accommodate the vessel with the best conditions to be prepared to exploit the Marte Missile System capabilities in both the task force mission or stand alone operations. The GEM Radar provides accurate target indications and track data with good discrimination. The vessel is also fitted with Medusa E/O System to preform day and night optical surveillance and a 27mm and 12.7nn gun, all integrated to a Combat Management System which manages the self-defense system. The communications system consists of V-UHF and HF for tactical and data communications and is interfaced to CMS.

Propulsion System

The propulsion system consists of 2 MTU main engines to drive 2 Rolls-Royce FF 600 water jets giving speed of 45 knots.