Quality, Safety and environment

//Quality, Safety and environment

Quality Management Systems

Our Quality Management Systems are certified by Bureau Veritas Certification as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The quality assurance and quality control functions are undertaken by the relevant sections within our Quality Department to ensure that our company objectives are fulfilled.

The Integrated Management Policy is set by senior management and followed throughout our organization. For example, a fundamental element of the ADSB IMS Policy is that each employee is responsible for the quality of the work they do, ensuring that ADSB the best to its customers.  All processes are governed by formal quality documentation.

The performance of the quality systems is continually reviewed to ensure that improvements are implemented quickly.


OCCUPATIONAL Health & Safety

At ADSB, we take health and safety very seriously, and have a particular focus on creating and maintaining a safe working environment.

To this end, we have gained ISO 45001:2018 Health and Safety Management accreditation. By achieving and maintaining this standard, we ensure that our safety management systems and safety practices within the shipyard meet the highest international standards.

We also have a permanent staff of trained and qualified safety and firefighting personnel, along with an emergency response force to ensure that we are prepared in any situation.

ADSB has set separate OHS policy, showing commitment to occupational, health and safety.


Environment is also a core focus for within our organization, as demonstrated by policy and procedures: we ​have secured the ISO 14001:2015 certificate and will continue to meet all legal requirements related to the environment.

The commitments related to environment are mentioned in the IMS policy.

 Download ADSB  IMS & OHS Policies